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The network for professional wind music in Sweden

The network for professional wind music in Sweden, which includes the nine largest professional wind ensembles, was formed on the initiative of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music 2016 in order to strengthen wind music as an art form and highlight its role in the ecosystem of cultural life.

Today we see that professional wind music is threatened in several places and that the Swedish growth of young, professional musicians in several wind instrument groups is weak and not internationally competitive.

The wind music network therefore wants to:

  • protect existing wind ensembles, both professional and amateur
  • increase the interest in professional wind music and its conditions
  • actively contribute to the re-growth of professional musicians
  • develop common concrete collaborations
  • formulate strategies for the survival and development of wind music in Sweden

The Wind Music Network includes:

  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Music
  • The Swedish Wind Ensemble
  • Bohuslän Big Band
  • Gotlandsmusiken
  • Göteborg Wind Orchestra
  • Norrbotten Big Band
  • The Nordic Wind Ensemble
  • The Swedish Armed Forces Music
    • The Royal Swedish Army Band
    • The Royal Swedish Navy Band
    • The Swedish Mounted Band of the Royal Lifeguards